Film Production

 film production

  esmcreative film production studio provides services in:

for documentary and narrative films

distributed through theatrical and digital streams.



 We develop the right financing strategy for your project by securing funding from the best sources to get you through your development process.

From refining your content with end-sales in mind, to developing and executing your pitch to financiers, to finalizing their support - we have you covered.




Our extensive experience with government funding agencies, knowledge of the tax requirements to shoot in Ontario, and our ability to make sustainable financing structures ensures the application process is smooth and your project gets greenlit.


Our experience with branded content and developing deliverables for corporate companies gives us the foundation to form lucrative sponsorship partnerships for your production - without sacrificing your art.



We continue to cultivate a community of philanthropists and art-starters who will back projects with shared goals and values. We are able to connect and negotiate the terms that benefit all and will seek to cultivate the right arrangement for your project.


 With our team of elite film professionals, we can manage your production at every stage of the process. We shoot in Ontario and have the capability to form Co-Production opportunities both inside and outside of Canada, depending on your production's needs.




From hiring your team, setting up your office, or working with your own staff, we oversee the pre-production process is flawlessly executed so that your production runs as seamlessly as possible.


Our experience and connections to the best industry personnel make the production stage a breeze. No matter what the scale, size, or needs of your project - we will staff it.



Access to the best-in-house post-production studios and personell will ensure that this stage of the process is well-managed, cost-effective, and delivers you the film you set out to make.


 With our extensive connections to major broadcasters, distributors, and buyers via exclusive film festival and industry programs, we can land you the right distribution deal to negotiate in favour of your project.




We know how to best promote your film and deliver the marketing materials it needs for distributors to know exactly where and how they can sell it.


We secure meetings with the right people and agencies for your production. We know what pairing can best help your film reach the market and we aim to facilitate that process.



Knowing where and how to secure your rights as a filmmaker are essential to striking the deal. Allow us to help you sign the dotted line while ensuring you get acutely compensated for your work.


Keeping on track of royalties and payments can be a full time job in and of itself. We help to ensure your dues are well accounted for by staying on top of what is owed to you when.

Choose the above services a-la-carte or use

esmcreative's expertise for your entire project.

Project fees and timeframe will depend on scope of work.

Please contact us for a quote.